Projects > Filtering the Landscape

This series was photographed while immersed in the landscape as an artist-in-residence in Joshua Tree National Park. After printing the black and white landscapes, I merge the images with out of circulation filters, maintaining their original state. This illuminates a tool used in the analog printing process and furthers the narrative of place by highlighting the omnipresent sun along with geological elements, and plants found in the park. The at-risk Joshua tree (yucca brevifolia) is featured and seems to shapeshift before your eyes. These magical trees have been granted temporary protection through the California Endangered Species Act*, making them the first plant protected in the state due to threats posed by climate change. The filters combined with the monochromatic photographs share a color palette that resonates with the memory and sensation of the landscape, coupled with my personal response to the impact of climate change on the park's ecosystem.

*Summer 2023 Update: Joshua trees receive long term protection via The Western Joshua Tree Conservation Act.